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Ultimate luxury through simplicity


Khaya iBhubesi offers secure and exclusive accommodation, each room with its own distinctive appearance and ambience, providing ultimate luxury through simplicity.


Mufasa Guesthouse
African Suites
 Riverside Suites
 Riverine Suites
 Garden Suites
 Nyala Log Cabins

Fully serviced, the Mufasa Guesthouse is the pivot point in this picturesque environment boasting a rich
sensuous tapestry of designer living.
Khaya iBhubesi’s accommodation is a delightful mix of a “traditional” African design with a touch of modern.
The African Suites , Riverside Suites, Riverine Suites , Garden Suites and Nyala Log
Cabins all boast innovative African interiors which will awaken your senses through the bold use of colour
and textures, ultimately creating a rich mixture of urban flair and country living


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